Oval Edge Graduates from Tech Alpharetta

Tech startup Oval Edge graduated from Tech Alpharetta in a ceremony held at the Innovation Center yesterday.

They are now the 11th company to scale, grow, and launch from Tech Alpharetta. They will also establish their corporate headquarters in Alpharetta.

About Tech Alpharetta

Tech Alpharetta (previously the Alpharetta Technology Commission), the first organization of its kind in Georgia, was established in 2012 by the City of Alpharetta and is an independent, 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization today. The organization, whose mission is to help grow technology and innovation in Alpharetta, includes a strategic advisory board of Alpharetta’s leading technology companies, a technology events pillar, and the Tech Alpharetta Innovation Center, a flourishing tech startup incubator that is home to more than 50 tech startups.

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