Local Jobs Creation Grant Program Re-Approved

One of the unique tools available for companies locating or expanding in Alpharetta is the City’s own Local Jobs Creation Grant (LJCG).

The program was recently re-approved by the Mayor, City Council and Development Authority to continue providing value to businesses hiring Alpharetta residents.

The LJCG works in tandem with the State of Georgia’s Quality Jobs Tax Credit by awarding an additional $250- $500 per new job created in Alpharetta. Read more about Georgia’s Quality Jobs Tax Credit here: https://www.georgia.org/competitive-advantages/incentives/tax-credits

Georgia’s Quality Jobs Tax Credit targets a wide array of strategic industries for Georgia’s growth. In Alpharetta, where we have over 600 technology companies, those target sectors are strong in Corporate & Regional Headquarters, Cybersecurity, Data Centers, Fintech, and Health IT. New jobs created in these sectors are eligible, but are not the limit.

The LJCG can also be offered as a standalone award depending on the scope of the applicant business’ project.

For a new job to qualify, the employee must be an Alpharetta resident who has been employed for a minimum of one year. The business must submit a Local Job Incentive Report for each employee within 30 days of the employee’s 1-year anniversary to receive reimbursement.

The term of the LJCG is 1 year from the end of the applicant business’ job creation schedule, which will also be requested in the grant application.

The LJCG is a one-time payout. New positions can only be claimed once. If your company is interested in locating or expanding in Alpharetta and wants to learn more about about this program, please feel free to contact the Office of Economic Development.

Matthew A. Thomas, Economic Development Manager

Email: mthomas@alpharetta.ga.us

Phone: 678.297.6024

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