Alpharetta is the premiere destination for corporate headquarters, technology services and retail trade firms. We’re home to a wide variety of national and internationally recognized companies. With a large professional office real estate market, thriving community and some of the area's best talent, it's no wonder why Fortune 500's locate in Alpharetta.

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Home to a diverse range of companies, Alpharetta makes a great fit for businesses both large and small. Our top employers list includes private, non-retail firms. Companies on this list may have multiple locations in the city, but have been aggregated.

  • Major Industries

Alpharetta continues to be a leading destination for corporate locations, high-tech services and retail trade. With nearly 700 technology companies, Alpharetta boasts one of the largest concentrations of high-tech firms in a single community. In addition, Alpharetta’s 25 million square foot office space market means that companies large and small can find a home here. Check below to learn more about Alpharetta’s top industries.

  • Corporate and Regional Headquarters

Our 25 million square feet of office space isn’t the main reason that corporate and regional headquarters choose Alpharetta. Rather, it’s because of the city’s ability to attract top talent with our ample executive housing and high quality of life. Alpharetta makes an ideal location for firms that specialize in support services and the technology industry.

  • Information Services

Alpharetta is known as “Technology City of the South” for a reason. It boasts one of the largest concentrations of technology companies in the nation. With nearly 700 tech-centric companies in the city, Alpharetta continues lead the Metro Atlanta area as the single leading destination for information technology services. This includes data centers, network solutions, software engineering, payment processing and several other mission critical operations. With modern offices and top talent, it is easy for IT companies, both large and small, to grow here. On top of that, having access to the region’s most redundant fiber network provides the mission critical infrastructure needed in today’s IT industry.

  • Telecommunications

Being one of the most fiber-connected communities in the nation helps to make Alpharetta a top choice for telecommunications related firms. The city is already home to major operations from large telecom companies like Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

  • Health IT

Health IT is a leading industry in Alpharetta with a diverse set of companies, large and small, tackling the challenges of digitizing medical administration and services.

  • Retail Trade

Our community is home to some of the most affluent families in the southeast. It is because of this that many of the nation’s most prestigious and well-loved retailers are located in Alpharetta. With the right mix of historic downtown shopping and high-end boutiques, Alpharetta draws in thousands of visitors every day to shop, dine and live the good life, serving as North Fulton’s premium retail destination



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