Development Authority

As a connected city with deep cultural, social, technological and logistic resources, Alpharetta is setting the standard for what city life will look like as we move through the connected decade.

  • Board Members

The Alpharetta Development Authority is a seven-member board appointed by the Alpharetta City Council with the goal of fostering commerce and growth within the City of Alpharetta.

Statement of Purpose: is granted powers and jurisdiction through the State of Georgia General Assembly and a resolution adopted by the Alpharetta City Council on September 3, 1996. The function of this Authority is to promote the public good and general welfare, trade, commerce, industry, general tax base and the employment opportunities available in the City of Alpharetta.

  • Current Board Members

  • Current Programs

The Alpharetta Development Authority runs many of the local incentive programs offered by the City of Alpharetta. Each program is designed to fulfill the needs of a new or expanding business in Alpharetta. Learn more about the type of programs offered by The Alpharetta Development Authority.

  • Tax Abatement

The City of Alpharetta is a full participant in the local tax abatement program coordinated through the Alpharetta Development Authority. This program is designed to lower the real and personal tax liability on the value of new investments made in Alpharetta and can provide significant savings.

  • Revenue Bonds

The Alpharetta Development Authority stands ready to issue revenue bonds for financing projects that will have a significant impact on the City of Alpharetta in terms of job creation and capital investment.

  • Local Job Creation Credit

To encourage new and expanding businesses to hire from the local workforce, the City of Alpharetta, through the City of Alpharetta Development Authority, has established a Local Jobs Creation Grant Program.