With excellent housing and great schools, it's no wonder that 65,000+ people call Alpharetta home.

With thriving communities, arts and entertainment, green spaces, robust technology and infrastructure, we’ve been able to attract the best and the brightest from our region. Alpharetta, Georgia’s Connected City, has earned the reputation as a place where work and life balance is thriving and satisfying.

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The City of Alpharetta is home to some of the best and brightest talent that Metro Atlanta has to offer. What makes our community one of the best in the nation? It’s our people.


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  • Housing

Alpharetta boasts some of the best housing in the nation. It’s the reason why executives, families and top talent choose to call our city home.


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Median Home Value

In the past 5 years, 2,000 homes have been built in walkable, mixed-use centers, offering a new variety of styles and price points within the City of Alpharetta.